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An API that allows accessing customer's banking activity

Israeli Banks data is now available as an API. Using Bank Source API as your intermediator. Fast and easy integration. Full Support and Monitoring. Your financial apps can get data from all Israeli banks, using Bank Source.

Bank Source Open Banking API By Cash-Up allow you to get customers data under their consent.

We do what Israeli banks failed to do - we generated the API for them.

A Banking API that captures the data from All Israelis Bank

While many banks around the world share their collected data with the outside world through APIs, the Israeli banks refuse to hop on the technology waggon. Those banks prefer to keep the data to themselves.

Thanks to the data supplied by Bank Source, the world of Israeli finance has just got itself a banking API, through which — with the user’s consent — you can obtain financial information about the customers. 


How do we handle security?

Security in financial services is a fundamental component of the overall system. Bank Source API provides high-level security by using the best practices for designing and programming the system components. Bank Source pays close attention to the security of the following components during the development process:

- The interaction between clients and server components in the system is protected by a variety of traffic encryption methods (SSL with a 256 bit encryption), data hashing algorithms (SHA-2), data packets signature, and checksums verification.

- Supporting data deletion on demand and also by strict retention policy.

- Performing security tests and venerability tests, to make sure your data is safe.

Support and Monitoring

Our developers will do their best to help you with the integration process to Bank Source.

We use scraping to obtain the data from the banks, therefor, if the bank site changes, and our fallbacks couldn't recover from it, we will work fast in order to fix our service.

We have lots of users counting on this service, so you can be definite that this will probably be fixed before you'll even notice.

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